Friday, May 30, 2008

catching up!

Been awhile since I have posted...I thought I would do a better job of keeping my blog updated but life keeps getting in the way. We had our first show of the season in Chicago last weekend( and it went really well. We had a little problem getting up there (our truck broke down), but thankfully we made it. We were about 2 hours late so it didn't give me a lot of time to unload and set up. It normally takes me about 3 hours to set up our booth and this time I only had about 1 hour. I was a little stressed! I had planned on taking pictures for my blog, but I had no time. Hopefully next time!
Now that we are back I am rearranging the shop for summer. The shop has about 10 rooms plus a wrap around porch and we redo almost every room. Needless to say I am a little torn up and keeping myself busy. We also need to stay on the junking trail...our next show is June we have to keep the shop stocked up!

So I snapped a couple of pics this morning of a few areas we have redone...

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pedalpower said...

You've been very busy...the shop looks great!