Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Auction goodies!

My hubby went to the local auction on Saturday and was able to get a few goodies. Since I am the only person that works at the shoppe I rarely get to go. He really has a good eye for things that I like and he knows what I can sell. We are getting ready for our first show of the year (May 24th). We set up at the Chicago Antique Market...chicagoantiquemarket.com. We set up last year and really enjoyed being in the city and the diversity of the show. We live about 2 hours from Chicago in a farming community and so it was a real treat for us hicks:)

So, here are just a few things he picked up...!


gem said...

love those porch chairs!!! Great link to the show! ;)

Silver Girl said...

I wondered who would score the chairs! :) They had a totally awesome display case there on Saturday as well. I love the idea of recycling well made and worn things to other families.

krenee said...

I thought about bidding on those metal chairs, shoppe girl. If I want them, I can still get them at your lovely shoppe. I love the yellow pitcher I recently purchased. It is most useful sitting by my stove holding all my wonderful kitchen utensils.