Thursday, January 22, 2009

one room down...

11 to go:) Started my spring displays today. We were able to get one of the smaller rooms done and it just makes me happy to add those spring touches to the shoppe. We will redo all the rooms upstairs first and then start on the downstairs. We made it to the Chicago gift mart last weekend and found some great items! Merchandise is already coming in!! I'll try and post on each room as we get it done!!

A few pics from the bathroom...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Be Mine!

Sweet little valentine items in the shoppe right now...

Handmade pillows using vintage fabric and trim

Vintage metal heart stool

and old tin heart cookie cutters!

Just a few things to warm your heart on this cold, cold day!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Why does time move so slow in January? I so wish I could savor it and appreciate those precious hours that I so often crave in the middle of summer. But as I prepare to go to the Chicago Market for our biannual shopping trip of new merchandise my mind is racing to plan for our spring displays and of course our Fall and Christmas displays. I am hoping to be inspired and find those items that speak to me and hopefully my customers. We try to be unique and different from the rest of the shops in town and I always feel this self-induced pressure to make my shoppe the best I know how. So, I need to just relax a little, enjoy this time of respite and dream about spring!!!