Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our shoppe is overflowing with some great NEW & OLD finds...

garden chandelier sold
wonderful vintage chandelier

unique jewelry just in (made in the USA)

antique oak wardrobe

great garden finds
nice primitive pie safe

and so much more!!!


laura said...

Your shop looks wonderful. Loved how you displayed the jewelry with garden, very attractive.

Ruby Begonia'S said...

Okay, I have got to make a road trip to your shop, Kathy...it has been tooooo long and everything looks like a must have! I am envious! maybe this weekend! Thanks for being sympathetic to Teresa's misfortunes! Monica

Ruby Begonia'S said...

Oh your shop looked even better in person today- it was wonderful!!!! Jeff is still talking about what he should have gotten! It was good to see you, Kathy. Please e-m and I'll forward you Teresa's e-m regarding your VERY generous contribution! Thanks Monica

ann at greenoak said...

love all your pictures....it looks great....ann

Relics said...

Kathy !

Where do you find it all!!